Place Types

The building blocks of each of the scenarios are “place types” that illustrate the different potential development patterns and land uses within a certain area. The following place types were used in developing the Lehi scenarios:


Mixed use

Mixed use development can include office over retail or residential over retail, with heights ranging from 4 stories to 10 stories, depending on location.

Mixed Use 2.jpg


Commercial includes a range of retail uses, including main street style shops, as well as small and large commercial centers with restaurants, entertainment, and shopping destinations.

Retail 1.jpg
Retail 2.jpg


This place type includes a range of employment centers, including multistory office buildings, light industrial uses, and smaller single-story office buildings.

Employment 2.jpg


The residential place type includes a range of housing choices, including single family, small lot single family, townhomes, cottage housing, and multifamily developments.

REsidential 2.JPG
REsidential 4.jpg
REsidential 3.JPG
REsidential 1.jpg

Public Facilities

Public facilities include schools, places of worship, government facilities, recreation centers, police and fire stations, libraries, and other civic uses.

Civic 1.jpg
Civic 2.jpg