Future Land Use Scenarios


What is scenario planning?

We know that Lehi will experience growth in the next 30 years. Scenario planning lets us explore the different ways that the city might accommodate that growth. We can learn how the planning choices we make could impact issues important to the Lehi community, such as affordability, traffic, and economic development.  Through scenarios, we can create a range of potential "futures", by experimenting with a variety of issues, such as:

  • The types of housing that may be built in new neighborhoods,

  • Location of commercial centers,

  • Where to focus redevelopment, and

  • Where to preserve open space.

. The lessons learned from these scenarios, both good and bad, help community members make clear-eyed and data-supported decisions about the future of Lehi.

The project team created four potential future scenarios, based on community input, interviews, and research. The future adopted plan's recommendation will likely not be any one of these current scenarios, but will combine aspects of each that provide the desired outcomes for Lehi. We need your input to help us determine which outcomes are most important to the community. 


Areas of Change

In all four of the scenarios, development and redevelopment is focused in “Areas of Change,” which are commercially zoned areas or underdeveloped residential areas that were identified by the City and project team at the outset of the project.


Place Types

The building blocks of each of the scenarios are “place types” that illustrate the different potential development patterns and land uses within a certain area. The following place types were used in developing the Lehi scenarios:

Mixed use




Public Facilities



Scenario 1

Scenario 2

Scenario 3

Scenario 4